Improvement in stamina and endurance

Cordyceps Militaris is recognized as fungal biomass which can be easily cultured from oats. Though the strain is similar to Cordyceps Sinensis, it has greater quantities of the active ingredients than this, thereby making it a suitable substitute. [1] In a 2016 study it was showed that the new Militaris strain helped significantly improve times to exhaustion, lung threshold and maximum power output amongst cyclists.

For the purpose of the above study, 28 trained and fit college students were chosen and sent to the University of North Carolina in the US, where they had a relatively long supplementation period. Cyclists were at an average age of 22 years and had an average weight of 70 kg. Athletes were placed either in a supplementation or placebo group on a random basis. Here the supplementation group was on Cordyceps Militaris for three weeks and were tracked for lung threshold at baseline, time to exhaustion and VO2 (maximum consumption of oxygen) in week 1 and week 3.


  • In a week of cycling, time to exhaustion improved greatly and maximum power went up by 17%.
  • As per another study on mice in 2004, it was seen that consumption of Cordyceps Militaris over a period of 6 weeks can enhance swimming capabilities.
  • In the media, an article by The New Zealand Herald stated the impact of clinical trial on the effect of Cordyceps Militaris. This experiment showed the increase in aerobic fitness for 131 volunteers in the trial, after participants consumed extracts of the medicinal mushroom.
  • As per the above, Cordyceps Militaris extract is quite effective in enhancement of exercise metabolism, fatigue reduction, endurance exercise performance and the capability for aerobic exercises amongst healthy humans.
  • All the above results were handed over to the American Physiological Society during April 2004.
  • The release of lactic acid in the muscles after a workout can bring about soreness. It has been observed that Cordyceps Militaris brings down the build-up of lactic acid in tendons and muscles.



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