What is Cordyceps Militaris?

Cordyceps are the most expensive mushrooms available in the world today. They are available as wild varieties and are therefore difficult to find. The world over, cordyceps are recognized as super foods, and are commonly utilized as pre-workout supplements. They are found only in high altitude regions, mostly in high ranges of China and Nepal.


This medicinal fungus was originally used in ancient China by the Emperor. At that time, Cordyceps militaris cultivation was extremely rare. Several marks of this fungus have been found on fossilized leaves, giving proof that it has evolved for more than 48 million years. It was used as a part of traditional Chinese medicine, in the form of a tonic for the kidneys and lungs. Some of the cordyceps benefits derived during ancient times include prevention of extreme tiredness, impotence and persistent cough, along with increase in production of blood and sperm production.


Cordyceps Militaris is a particular species of fungus within the family Clavicipitaceae and class Ascomycetes. It is a recognized therapeutic mushroom used over several centuries in order to boost immunity levels and also increase energy. When originally found, it was being used to recover from illness and remove fatigue in Tibet, but today it is also found in the high-altitude regions of India (read Himalayas). This mushroom can grow naturally on caterpillars at an elevation of 12,000 feet above sea level.

While mushrooms can be both of gourmet type and medicinal type, Cordyceps Militaris is specifically meant for medicinal use. Amongst all the different species of Cordycep mushrooms, Codyceps Militaris is recognized as the oldest source of a variety of beneficial chemical constituents. This variety is commonly used as tonic medicine by various communities.

Some of the common benefits of Cordyceps Militaris are as follows:


  Enhancement in liver and lung functions

  Enhanced sex drive due to enhancement of estradiol-17 and testosterone levels

  Brings down oxidative stress

  Lowers tumor development tendencies. It acts as a nucleic acid antibiotic which may be able to inhibit cancerous cells and contribute to normalization of such cells, as per tests made on rats

  Ensures better recovery from illness

  Reduces the effect of cholesterol and brings down blood sugar levels due to the beta glucans present as nutrients in it

  Its adenosine levels help increase the body’s level of ATP, thereby helping athletes recover quickly