Cordyceps Militaris as an immunity booster

The immune system is one that prevents the body from falling sick, thereby defending it against a number of bacterial, viral and protozoal infections. Sometimes even cancerous cells may appear as bacterial infections after mutation.

The body’s first line of defense is formed by the white blood cells (WBCs) against different kinds of illnesses and infections.

[1] Scientist John Holliday suggested in the Encyclopedia of dietary supplements that Cordyceps Militaris is able to increase the number of WBCs in the body. Due to this very quality, the mushroom is frequently recommended as an energy booster during recovery periods from operations.

It was published in the Chinese Journal of Integrated Traditional Western Medicine that Cordyceps Militaris improves immunity(immunity booster) in both healthy persons as well as those suffering from leukemia.

[2] Experiments displayed WBC count to increase by 74% amongst the healthy samples and 400% among the leukemia patients.

[3] A book titled “Cordyceps Militaris: China’s Healing Mushroom” tells about several immune-boosting(immunity booster) effects of this mushroom, along with an increase in the number of NK cells, macrophages, WBCs, and T-helper cells. All these cells boost cellular immunity against fungal and viral infections, apart from others as well.


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