Benefits of Cordyceps Militaris for liver and pancreas

The liver is clearly the largest organ in the human body. It is absolutely vital for filtration of blood and other fluids in the body. Additionally, it also aids in maintaining proper blood sugar levels, turning food molecules into energy upon breakdown, creation of vital enzymes and proteins, and many others.

[1] As per a clinical study carried out on 33 patients affected with Hepatitis B, the consumption of Cordyceps supplement demonstrated an improvement of 71.9% during the thymol turbidity test, as well an improvement of 78.6% in the SGPT test. Both of the above are enzyme tests that measure liver functions.

[2] Similar to the above, a study in China with 70 patients affected by Hepatitis B, when treated with Cordyceps or with another popular herbal medicine (the main ingredient here being Ganoderma applanatum) displayed better clinical response than alternative treatment.

Regulation of pancreas happens as Cordyceps Militaris stimulates the growth of antioxidants, beta cells, lipoproteins and pancreatic glutathione. All the above elements assist in the fight against diabetes. In comparison to drugs such as glibenclamides, Cordyceps Militaris is a lot more powerful.


[1] Zhou LT. et al. Short-term curative effect of cultured Cordycep Militaris (Berk.) Sacc. Mycelia in chronic hepatitis B. China J Chinese Materia Medica 1990;15(1):53-55

[2] Yang, YZ. et al. Short-term observation of treating chronic hepatitis B and post hepatic cirrhosis with XinGanBao. Res Chinese Materia Medica 1994; (1):19-20.

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