How Cordyceps Militaris enhances vitality and energy levels ?

Cordyceps Militaris is popularly known to bring down fatigue levels in the human body. This is quite helpful these days, considering that modern lifestyles are and will continue to be increasingly tiresome. Instead of heavy pharmaceutical drugs, what most of us really need are highly effective remedies to counteract fatigue, and one of them is the mushroom Cordyceps Militaris.

All of us need a constant supply of energy to function throughout the day. Whenever we feel lethargic, we look to consume proteins, starches and fats in a bid to rejuvenate ourselves. All the above molecules break down to release ATP at the cellular level. As per recent research, it has been proven that C Militaris enhances oxygen and also ATP levels in the blood. In fact, oxygen utilization is majorly responsible for the availability of a high amount of usable energy.

[1] Several high-altitude climbers make use of Cordyceps Militaris for easy breathing, as the mushroom increases availability of oxygen at heights. The consumption of this mushroom, therefore, has two benefits- high oxygen levels and an energy boost. Clinical studies, when carried out amongst fatigued elderly patients, showed that the patients displayed substantial improvement in cognitive and memory capacity, fatigue levels, ability to withstand cold, as well as sex drive.

[2] The following was visible after consumption of Cordyceps Militaris for 30 days:

  • 83% showed reduction in dizziness.
  • 89% showed reduction in feeling cold;
  • 92% of individuals showed reduction of chronic fatigue;

[3] Yet another study with healthy elderly participants (average age 65) who consumed Cordyceps Militaris for 6 weeks while also exercising on stationary bicycles was also carried out. It was revealed that this group managed to obtain substantial increases in oxygen capacity and energy.

[4] Cordyceps Militaris came to be known as a widely accepted substance globally for athletes after it was used by the Chinese women’s track and field team to break records in 1993 and 1994.

Many effects of this wonder mushroom are due to the chemical adenosine. This ingredient is recognized as a regulator of smooth growth of nerve cells, muscles and overall vascular tone.


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